Sixty-eight and Me

Sixty-eight and me
Fearless, footloose, and fancy-free
Sixty-eight and me
Traversing life’s tapestries
Sixty-eight and me
Gradually grasping, gripping, and groping
Sixty-eight and me
Making and molding memories
Sixty-eight and me
Moving melodiously
Sixty-eight and me
sixty-eight and me

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Out of the Bag!

Truth is out of the bag
Running afoul, running amuck– bubbling, gurgling, pulsating, Truth
Apologizing, apropos, apocrypha, Truth
Garnished, glossed over, groping, Truth
Minimized, minute-wise, muted, Truth
Refreshing, releasing, rotating, Truth
Shaken, shuffled, stepped over, Truth
Tiptoed around, traumatizing, trivialized, Truth
Truth is out of the bag
It won’t go back
Truth is out of the bag!


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Incredible Cruelty – Pirated Children

Powerful people profiting from the perils of poor, powerless, pirated children
Government initiated human trafficking tragedy
Families pillaged
Children forcibly separated from their parents, and
given to others who are paid to keep them
Politicians and their unified networks of powerful people,
Profiteers, albeit, some unwittingly
Suppliers of goods – cots, clothing, food, tents, medicine, toiletries
Providers of services – barbers and beauticians, security, healthcare, and foodservices
Children and their families – forcibly separated silent sufferers
Government sponsored human trafficking tragedy
Modern day slavery
Powerful people profiting from the perils of poor, powerless, pirated children


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Celebrate Advent by Making an Advent Calendar

One way to remain spiritually centered during the festive Christmas season is to create an Advent Calendar that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas – the celebration of the arrival of the Savior. Search the Web for examples of Advent Calendars or design your own Calendar.

  • Each day of Advent illustrate a different verse from Scripture that centers on God’s promise to send a Savior and that highlights the circumstances of Christ’s birth. End the calendar with the nativity scene.
  • Spend a few minutes each day meditating on the Scripture and your illustrations.
  • For those not artistically inclined, purchase a spiral journal with an inspirational  Christmas illustration or verse on the cover and start creating your Advent Calendar.
  • Use stickers, shapes, clip art, or your own drawings to illustrate your understanding of Scripture.
  • Select Scripture readings from the Revised Daily Common Lectionary for 2017.



Use a Journal or Sketchbook to Create your Own Advent Calendar


sketchbookwriting journa;



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Advent Explained

The Christian Advent Season focuses on the fulfillment of God’s promise to send a Savior – Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

  • For some, it is an incredibly festive time set aside to marvel and give thanks to God. Gift-giving and receiving; sharing meals, displaying bright, colorful decorations, and listening to, and, singing upbeat secular songs symbolize the festive part of Advent.
  • For others, like Lent, Advent is a time of penance. For them, Advent is marked by spending more time than is typical for them:  reading Scripture, praying for guidance; interceding for others; singing hymns that tell the Christmas story; reenacting  the birth of Christ as depicted in Scripture, not as shown in movies, and giving more than is usual. Advent week 1 2017
  • Advent includes the four Sundays preceding Christmas.


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All Lives Matter, Each Life Matters, Every Life Matters: Randolph Holder- more than an NYPD Blue Suit

NYPD Officer Randolph Holder

The brutal assassination of NYPD officer Randolph Holder by a deranged, but not insane, gunman was a great tragedy and an atrocity against humanity. Many, myself included, are deeply saddened and outraged by his murder. There is absolutely no justification for nor rationale that explains or excuses the cowardly, senseless and heartless taking of Officer Holder’s life.

Randolph Holder’s death is not tragic simply because he was an NYPD officer whose life was snuffed out while he was performing his duty. The circumstances of his death, at least for me, would be just as grievous if Randolph Holder had been an innocent bystander or a store clerk instead of a first responder.  Officer Holder’s death is tragic because his life was inherently meaningful since he was created by and in the image of God. His life should not have been viciously snatched away.

Unfortunately, some will use the killing of Officer Holder to advance their political agendas, regardless of how altruistic those motives. For some, the homicide will bolster their cries for stiffer gun laws. Others will highlight Officer Holder’s death as an example of why stop-and-frisk laws need reinstatement.

The perpetrator of Officer Holder’s death is a vicious killer who was determined to do evil. Neither stiffer gun legislation nor the stop-and-frisk law would have prevented him from doing his dastardly deed.

May God have mercy upon Officer Holder’s family, friends, and co-workers.  May the Spirit of the only true, wise, and living God, comfort and console all those adversely affected by Randolph Holder’s sudden and immeasurable sad death.

(During a recent news conference, a wise police officer said he would not mention the name of the perpetrator of a horrific crime that resulted in death and destruction.

I am following that officers lead by not naming Officer Holder’s alleged killer )

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When We Are Free


When we are free, we pull, prod, flatten, and stretch our imaginations

 When we are free, we dream of endless possibilities


When we are free, what others do not observe, we clearly see

          When we are free, we can just be


When we are free, in times of tranquility we perceive and embrace the vibrant

          colors of life rhythmically dancing by


When we are free, in tumultuous times we are acutely aware of those same colors

          dulling and fading in and out as they march stealthily by


When we are free, we trust unconditionally

          When we are free, we can just be


When we are free, we smell and feel the nuances of the changing seasons

When we are free, we give freely and freely receive


When we are free, there is no fear

          When we are free, we can just be


When we are free, with anticipation and expectation we ride bareback the bucking

 bull of life


When we are free, we get knocked down; but we get back up and happily we keep

 moving: riding, walking, skipping, sometimes even crawling


When we are free, we have deep-belly laughs and brokenhearted cries

          When we are free, we can just be


When we are free, we create peace and exude harmony

      When we are free, we tiptoe gingerly through the mazes of other people’s lives


When we are free, we speak softly and gently roll up and down life’s slopes

          When we are free, we can just be!


When we are free, we love unconditionally

          When we are free, we breathe in and radiate hope


When we are free, we run barefoot over the hot coals of life without getting singed

          When we are free, we can just be!






Allegra S. Hoots













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