Opening up to Grow up

In the book of Colossians, chapter 3, verses 12–17, the Apostle Paul and Timothy encouraged Jesus’ followers to adopt a worldview that centered around promoting the Lord Jesus Christ (lifting up Jesus Christ was their primry objective), developing unity among believers, and living in peace with those within and outside the newly formed band of converts.

Listed below are the attitudes and practices the authors highlighted as necessary to effect the changes they advocated.

1. Compassion – Demonstrate concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
2. Kindness – Behave friendly, generous, and considerate.
3. Humility – Hold a modest view of one’s importance.  Remember, each person has intrinsic value because each was created by and in the image of the Creator.
4. Gentleness – Treat others with tenderness.
5. Patience – Develop the capacity to accept, tolerate or delay, trouble or suffering without getting angry or upset
6. Forgiving – Show mercy. Act without malice
7. Loving– Work for the common good. Overcome selfishness.
8. Be a peacemaker – “Blessed are the peacemakers, they shall be called the children of God.” Do not deliberately cause harm.
9. Be thankful – Look at the glass half full instead of half empty.

The characteristics Paul and Timothy urged the early converts to adopt are crucial for building and maintaining nurturing  communities and organizations. Individuals who possess those qualities contribute to goodness. Where goodness is there is harmony and the possibility for sustaining peaceful relationships.

To God be the glory.

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via Advent 2018

Advent 2018

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via Proceed with Caution: A Biblical Response to Personal Rejection-(The Original Text)

Proceed with Caution: A Biblical Response to Personal Rejection-(The Original Text)

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Sixty-eight and Me

Sixty-eight and me
Fearless, footloose, and fancy-free
Sixty-eight and me
Traversing life’s tapestries
Sixty-eight and me
Gradually grasping, gripping, and groping
Sixty-eight and me
Making and molding memories
Sixty-eight and me
Moving melodiously
Sixty-eight and me
sixty-eight and me

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Out of the Bag!

Truth is out of the bag
Running afoul, running amuck– bubbling, gurgling, pulsating, Truth
Apologizing, apropos, apocrypha, Truth
Garnished, glossed over, groping, Truth
Minimized, minute-wise, muted, Truth
Refreshing, releasing, rotating, Truth
Shaken, shuffled, stepped over, Truth
Tiptoed around, traumatizing, trivialized, Truth
Truth is out of the bag
It won’t go back
Truth is out of the bag!


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Incredible Cruelty – Pirated Children

Powerful people profiting from the perils of poor, powerless, pirated children
Government initiated human trafficking tragedy
Families pillaged
Children forcibly separated from their parents, and
given to others who are paid to keep them
Politicians and their unified networks of powerful people,
Profiteers, albeit, some unwittingly
Suppliers of goods – cots, clothing, food, tents, medicine, toiletries
Providers of services – barbers and beauticians, security, healthcare, and foodservices
Children and their families – forcibly separated silent sufferers
Government sponsored human trafficking tragedy
Modern day slavery
Powerful people profiting from the perils of poor, powerless, pirated children


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Celebrate Advent by Making an Advent Calendar

One way to remain spiritually centered during the festive Christmas season is to create an Advent Calendar that focuses on the true meaning of Christmas – the celebration of the arrival of the Savior. Search the Web for examples of Advent Calendars or design your own Calendar.

  • Each day of Advent illustrate a different verse from Scripture that centers on God’s promise to send a Savior and that highlights the circumstances of Christ’s birth. End the calendar with the nativity scene.
  • Spend a few minutes each day meditating on the Scripture and your illustrations.
  • For those not artistically inclined, purchase a spiral journal with an inspirational  Christmas illustration or verse on the cover and start creating your Advent Calendar.
  • Use stickers, shapes, clip art, or your own drawings to illustrate your understanding of Scripture.
  • Select Scripture readings from the Revised Daily Common Lectionary for 2017.



Use a Journal or Sketchbook to Create your Own Advent Calendar


sketchbookwriting journa;



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