Hope and Possibility

22 Apr

Good Friday is a reverent and somber day in the life of the Christian church. On that day,worship services and sermons typically highlight God’s great and sacrificial love for humanity by retelling the passion of Christ.

Conversely, Easter or Resurrection Sunday is a celebration that joyously proclaims the manifestation of God’s power as demonstrated by Jesus’ resurrection. Around the world Believers gather on Easter/Resurrection Sunday to express hopefulness, joy, and thanksgiving for and to Jesus. They confess that with God all things are possible and that the resurrection dwarfs every possible problem humans experience. The empty tomb reminds them that  forgiveness, reconciliation, regeneration, and resurrection are conceivable.

Even many non-religious Christians make time to attend Easter services. They clean up and dress up and march themselves to houses of worship Their presence in churches acknowledges their belief in God as manifested in the person of Jesus.  For a few moments, they engage in fellowship with likeminded people and their participation in  corporate worship adds to the celebratory atmosphere that proclaims Jesus’ resurrection is the reason for Easter.

Some non-traditional Believers go to church only on Easter Sunday. On that special day, those non-traditionalist participate in the ancient traditions that are regularly practiced  in many churches during formal worship.  Others attend Easter services hoping to experience acceptance and comfort in a setting that at other times may seem uncomfortable and/or unfamiliar. . But on Easter Sunday even the most formal and ostentatious services are inviting.. Worshippers expect on Easter, more than on any other day of worship, to hear a sermon that affirms the resurrection makes it  possible for whosoever will to experience a new beginning.

Praise God for the hopes and possibilities that Easter represents.

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