Weighing the Week that Was

02 Nov

Recently I ran into a lovely family I had not seen for several months. I was glad to see them and the parents appeared happy to see me. The small children, understandably, were oblivious to my presence.  I commented on how much the children had grown. Smiling warmly the mother pointed to one of her sons and said, “Look at _______ he has really gotten big.”

I concurred by saying, “Yes he has really grown.”

Still smiling and looking intently at me the mom replied, “And you have put on some sizes too.”

Not quite believing I had heard correctly, I stupidly said “Huh!”

Looking directly at me still smiling and nodding her head in the affirmative the mom said, “You have put on some sizes too.”

I was surprised by the comment, but not offended.  I didn’t know quite how to respond because I thought I was looking trim and fit.  I simply smiled and said, “It was good to see you. Have a nice day.” Later I shared the conversation with my son. We both chuckled. I also shared the conversation with one of my brothers. He and I also had a good laugh.

A few days later as I dressed for work I decided to wear a pair of slacks that I hadn’t worn in about two years. The pants fit smoothly over my thighs but I had difficulty fastening them. Determined to wear the pants, I consigned myself to the fact that when I sat down I would have to unbutton them to keep them from ripping and fasten them when I stood up to keep them from falling down. I left home feeling extremely uncomfortable in the too tight around the waist pants. But, I was happy that my weight had not increased dramatically, just a few inches around the waist.

On the way to work I dropped by the home of a dear friend. I explained my too tight pants situation to her. She laughed and said, “Ms. Hoots you need to buy yourself a pair of pants.” Which I did immediately after leaving her house.

I was pleased as punch to find a pair of designer slacks in my size at a great price.  I tried on the pants in the fitting room before paying for them. As I examined the fit in the mirror I concluded they looked perfect on me. I made my purchase and changed into my new smooth fitting, figure flattering and comfortable pants.

However, shortly after walking around in my new pants I began to feel them rise up my legs. Before long I was walking around in high waters, and don’t you know someone actually pointed to my pants and asked,, “Miss Allegra, where is the flood?”  We both had a good laugh and I determined to lose weight!

As a result of the “you have gained some sizes” comment and the high water pants wearing experience, I have had two hardy laughs at my own expense. More importantly I am reminded of the Scripture that reads: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

Thank you God for the gift of innocent, clean laughter and the ability not to take myself too seriously!


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2 responses to “Weighing the Week that Was

  1. cyclingrandma

    November 2, 2015 at 11:16 am

    You’re a strong woman to take those comments so well, especially the first one– that was rude! While I think it’s downright rude to tell someone they gained weight ( my father tells me all the time), it’s hard to find the right way to mention someone looks thin- you don’t want to imply that they were previously fat! You’re stunning inside and out, don’t let a couple pounds bother you too much! It’s part of aging unfortunately.. and life. Not worth giving up on all the great things to eat.

    • Reflections

      November 4, 2015 at 12:28 am

      Lisa, thank you for your encouraging words. You are truly a beautiful person and it has been too long since we saw one another. I was not offended by either comment. Believe it or not, I see benefit, valuable life lessons and opportunity for self-growth in nearly every situation. When you have time (you’re a busy lady) we should get together for lunch.


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