A Thanksgiving Litany for Tuesday Evening, November 3, 2015

04 Nov

Things for which we are thankful

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden we come humbly before your throne of grace.  We acknowledge you as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer and we   thank you for all things great and small.

Thank you for clean and safe drinking water.

water that is safe for drinking

Thank you for food and shelter and decent clothing.

Thank you for another day among the living to worship you in spirit and in truth and to demonstrate your love.

Thank you for many do overs.

Thank you for protection from things seen and unseen.

decent shelter from the elements

decent shelter from the elements

Thank you for dreams achieved and for those dreams yet to be manifested.

Thank you for the gifts of laughter and joy.

Thank you for your constant presence.

Most of all, thank you for Jesus- Author and Finisher of the Christian faith.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

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