“god of Imagination”

04 Mar

Spindly, swishing, swaying

    bending like a reed bowed by a gentle breeze

Slinking, slippery, sliding

   wiggling like Jell-O moving around on a flat plate

Shifting, shuffling, sifting  

   spiraling like sand in a glass spinning top

Shunning, snubbing, searing

   subjugating like a corralled majestic stallion

Teeny, tiny, tipsy

    narrow and prickly like a needle

Picking, piercing, prancing

   swollen like a bubble created with gum

Yanking, yearning, yelping

   elusive like Santa Clause conjured up by human desire and will

Dancing, dangling, doting

   gliding over injustices like a super-surfer selectively riding waves

Accepting, affirming, alternating

   glossing and smoothing over cruelty like makeup temporarily hides flaws

Engaging in artificial competition, god of imagination

   gloats like a true Olympian

Foolish and powerless, except in the minds of those whose

  creation it is, god of imagination!



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Posted by on March 4, 2017 in Inspirational


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