A Litany of Praise and Thanksgiving

02 Nov

Almighty, your creative power is too fantastic for mere words to express its greatness and for the human mind to grasp fully.

The existence and position of the sun, moon, stars, and galaxies awe inspire and frighten.

The diversity of and within nature reveals your excellence and stirs the minds and hearts of mortals.

The earth and its fullness – snow-capped majestic mountains, the vast life-giving and life-sustaining waters home to sea creatures, and supplier of necessary fluid to the life-giving land also testify of your greatness.

The seasons of the year, the lifecycles of plants and animals, and all things’ interconnectedness reveal your power.

The healing properties found in nature speak to the care with which you created all things to live and work together.

Creating something out of nothing is inconceivable to your creation. Yet the existence of all things is proof that you brought all things into being and shows your orderliness.

Thank you for victories and for giving hope.

Thank you for creating doors and opportunities where none existed.

Thank you for abundance!

Thank you for nutritious and tasty food.

Thank you for water for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and irrigating crops.

Thank you for meaningful work and days of rest – Sabbaths, national holidays, and vacations.

Thank you for the ease and convenience of modern living.

Thank you for paved roads and relatively safe travel by land, air, and sea.

Thank you for mass transportation and personal vehicles for work and leisure.

Thank you for indoor plumbing and hot and cold running water.

Thank you for mass-produced, fashionable, and reasonably priced clothing.  

Thank you for the arts-paintings, music, films, live theatre, and literature. They entertain, stimulate, and cause us to reflect.

Thank you for public spaces to relax and play indoors and outdoors.

Thank you for modern medicine and technology.

Thank you for making mortals caretakers of the earth.

Thank you for the comfort of being in a relationship with you and fellowship with others.

Thank you for your great love for creation.

Thank you for the forgiveness of sin and for “do-overs.”

Thank you for Jesus Christ, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Thank you for imparting your Holy Spirit to us.

Glory to Your name!

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Posted by on November 2, 2020 in Inspirational


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