A Litany of Thanks for Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden, you are Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of life. Please accept this litany of thanksgiving.

Thank you for meeting our basic needs and for blessing us to enjoy and some comforts.

Thank you for the beauty and diversity of nature.  All of nature testifies to your awesome creative power.

Thank you for the arts and sports that entertain inform and inspire.

Thank you for good, loyal and nurturing friends, family and pets.

Thank you for the energy, determination, optimism and strength of youth and for the experience, patience and persistence of the aged, and for the wisdom of both.

Thank you for the marvels of modern medicine and technology.

Thank you for your amazing grace that forgives our sins against you and that makes it possible for us to forgive others.

Thank you for using some of the most unlikely people and unusual circumstances to fulfill your purpose.

Thank you for turning tragedies into triumphs and for calming chaos.

Most of all, thank you for Jesus-Author and Finisher of the Christian faith!

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A Litany of Thanks for Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden, please accept the following thank offering.

Thank you for another opportunity to participate in your reconciling, resurrecting and restoring process.

Thank you for the resiliency of the human spirit.

Thank you for America, a land of great opportunity and despite its shortcoming it is one of the greatest countries on earth.

Thank you for the freedom to criticize our government without retribution-this is a freedom denied to many.

Thank you for activist past, present, and those still to come, who through selfless actions have lived the call: Justice for all!

Thank you for the abolitionists who fought to end Slavery in America (please do not allow their great sacrifices to be forgotten or taken for granted)!

Thank you that in America there is freedom of religion!!

Thank you for the witness of the American Africans who survived the dehumanizing system of slavery and for those who have thrived in spite of living under the hardships imposed by Jim Crow Law.

Thank you for the thousands, if not millions, of Europeans who stood against Hitler’s reign of terror. May their sacrifices be forever immortalized.

Thank you for the survivors of the Jewish Holocaust who are living testimonies to the power of the human spirit to overcome evil. Their compelling stories remind us that evil is alive and well.

As always, thank you for Jesus-Author and Finisher of the Christian faith.



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A Litany of Thanks for Tuesday, November 10, 2015

African Wildlife

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden, you alone are the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of life.

Thank you for safe drinking water, nutritious and delicious food, and for decent shelter and clothing.

Thank you for a reasonable portion of health and strength.

Thank you for your faithfulness and long suffering toward us.

Thank you for empowering us to turn tragedies into triumphant celebrations.

Thank you for granting us the grace to experience peace and calm in the middle of life’s chaos.

Thank you for creating the beautiful, diverse, fascinating, although sometimes frightening, and complex ecosystem.

The seasons

Thank you for technology.

Thank you for a measure of faith.

Thank you for hope and possibilities!

Most of all thank you for Jesus, Author and Finisher of the Christian faith.

marine life

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A Thanksgiving Litany for Tuesday Evening, November 3, 2015

Things for which we are thankful

Almighty God unto whom all hearts and minds are open and from whom nothing is hidden we come humbly before your throne of grace.  We acknowledge you as Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer and we   thank you for all things great and small.

Thank you for clean and safe drinking water.

water that is safe for drinking

Thank you for food and shelter and decent clothing.

Thank you for another day among the living to worship you in spirit and in truth and to demonstrate your love.

Thank you for many do overs.

Thank you for protection from things seen and unseen.

decent shelter from the elements

decent shelter from the elements

Thank you for dreams achieved and for those dreams yet to be manifested.

Thank you for the gifts of laughter and joy.

Thank you for your constant presence.

Most of all, thank you for Jesus- Author and Finisher of the Christian faith.

In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen

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Weighing the Week that Was

Recently I ran into a lovely family I had not seen for several months. I was glad to see them and the parents appeared happy to see me. The small children, understandably, were oblivious to my presence.  I commented on how much the children had grown. Smiling warmly the mother pointed to one of her sons and said, “Look at _______ he has really gotten big.”

I concurred by saying, “Yes he has really grown.”

Still smiling and looking intently at me the mom replied, “And you have put on some sizes too.”

Not quite believing I had heard correctly, I stupidly said “Huh!”

Looking directly at me still smiling and nodding her head in the affirmative the mom said, “You have put on some sizes too.”

I was surprised by the comment, but not offended.  I didn’t know quite how to respond because I thought I was looking trim and fit.  I simply smiled and said, “It was good to see you. Have a nice day.” Later I shared the conversation with my son. We both chuckled. I also shared the conversation with one of my brothers. He and I also had a good laugh.

A few days later as I dressed for work I decided to wear a pair of slacks that I hadn’t worn in about two years. The pants fit smoothly over my thighs but I had difficulty fastening them. Determined to wear the pants, I consigned myself to the fact that when I sat down I would have to unbutton them to keep them from ripping and fasten them when I stood up to keep them from falling down. I left home feeling extremely uncomfortable in the too tight around the waist pants. But, I was happy that my weight had not increased dramatically, just a few inches around the waist.

On the way to work I dropped by the home of a dear friend. I explained my too tight pants situation to her. She laughed and said, “Ms. Hoots you need to buy yourself a pair of pants.” Which I did immediately after leaving her house.

I was pleased as punch to find a pair of designer slacks in my size at a great price.  I tried on the pants in the fitting room before paying for them. As I examined the fit in the mirror I concluded they looked perfect on me. I made my purchase and changed into my new smooth fitting, figure flattering and comfortable pants.

However, shortly after walking around in my new pants I began to feel them rise up my legs. Before long I was walking around in high waters, and don’t you know someone actually pointed to my pants and asked,, “Miss Allegra, where is the flood?”  We both had a good laugh and I determined to lose weight!

As a result of the “you have gained some sizes” comment and the high water pants wearing experience, I have had two hardy laughs at my own expense. More importantly I am reminded of the Scripture that reads: “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”  Proverbs 17:22

Thank you God for the gift of innocent, clean laughter and the ability not to take myself too seriously!


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Kitty Hoots

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory


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As a young girl I didn’t think much about senior citizens

Although they were present everywhere

I assumed they would always be near

Sitting on porches, saying: “please” and “thank you”

Peering out of windows, exchanging greetings and pleasantries

Patiently teaching, correcting, sharing advice and warnings

Encouraging, hugging and kissing

Giving small, but much appreciated treats

Clapping hands, tapping feet and snapping fingers to rhymes and beats

Speaking in parables, offering brutally frank and often unsolicited; but much needed, criticism

Observing and understanding

Constantly listening to a radio or watching television

Relaxing, napping, and  keenly aware of the changing world

Bowed and hunch-back

Slow moving

Hard of hearing

Needing glasses to see


 Senior Living

In contrast, today’s seniors are

Biking, jogging and walking

Mingling, serving, working  and networking

Driving, riding and flying

They look back reminiscently

They look forward anxiously and expectedly

They create, dream and influence

They are engaging, enjoying, erasing and expanding

They face the future fearlessly

They reconcile with their past

They strive to become whom  they believe they were meant to be

They marry, divorce, and remarry, they live openly in adultery

They create bucket lists

They refresh themselves and chase their childhood dreams

They are seemingly forever in  some kind of recovery

They revive old careers or begin new ones

They are tireless, restless and constantly moving

They are happy, helpful and hopeful

The seniors I see now include me!


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