Six Things I Want from Political Candidates, regardless of party affiliation

10 May

1.  Don’t engage in petty arguments.  

2. Don’t hurl personal attacks at opponents to avoid discussing important domestic and foreign policies.  

3. Don’t make promises that we know you cannot fulfill.

4. Discuss and delineate your proposed domestic and foreign policy plans.

5.  Demonstrate genuine concern for the issues that are important to Americans. (I’ve got news for you: defending a bruised ego in a public setting is not appealing.  To the contrary, it makes one seem egotistical, easily offended, prone to tantrums, inconsiderate of others, and lacking the maturity to separate personal feelings from professional responsibilities and to remain focused under pressure.)

6. Focus on serving the common good; not on destroying opponents by insulting and or slandering them!!!!!

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Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Inspirational


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