Seventy-one and Me

29 Apr

Acknowledging that all my help comes from above

Asking the Creator to protect my heart and fill me with agape love

Acutely aware of my mortality

Asking God to help me create and leave behind an inspiring and heart-warming legacy

Basking in God’s immeasurable love

Buoyed by God’s grace and mercy

Comforted, cuddled, and cared for by the One who is, who was, and ever shall be

Emboldened by God’s Spirit

Embracing, emerging, engaging, and unintentionally enraging

Ever moving upward and forward is the way life is and always has been for me

Facing reality; motivated to create peace and harmony

Forgiving because God has forgiven me

Remaining footloose and fancy-free

Searching for ways to improve, not liking some of what I see in me

Striving to be the best I can be by learning more about how to eradicate the flaws in me

Shaking off the dead weight and asking God to show me how to get rid of toxicity

Praying for God to lengthen, strengthen, and widen my capacity for empathy

Seventy-one and me

Learning, living, and loving

Continuing to cultivate me

Seventy-one and me

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Posted by on April 29, 2022 in Inspirational


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